ACE your ACS!

We’re told there are some medical emergencies which you should know off by heart (haha) how to pick up and how to treat. Acute coronary syndromes fit that bill! The pressure is on especially if you’re interested in cardiology or emergency medicine. Not to worry as this presentation will (hopefully!) give you a clear understanding of the conditions and give you that extra confidence to deal with it 🙂

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Learning Outcomes:

1. To understand unstable angina, STEMI and NSTEMI as the three distinct members of the ACS triad
2. Know the signs and symptoms of all three of them and remember them for your history taking
3. Ordering the right investigations for patients with ACS
4. Quick overview of ECGs
5. Know the emergency treatments of STEMI and NSTEMIs


Jun 12 2021


9:00 am - 8:00 pm