Adrenal anatomy and physiology

by Mustafa Yaseen, Hull York Medical School


Do you feel slightly confused whenever someone mentions adrenal hormonal abnormalities? Does it sound like they are all similar?
I will try to go through the basics of adrenal anatomy and hormone production and their relation to the other systems to the body. Learning the basics of adrenal physiology can be immensely helpful in understanding the pathology of the issues arising from that system and their presentation in the body!!

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Learning Objectives:
– Anatomy and Histology of the adrenal glands.
– Physiology of the adrenal glands.
– Hormones produced by the glands and their affects in the body.
– Effects of disruption of the HPA axis and clinical presentation of abnormalities of the adrenal hormones.


May 05 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm