Break Into Hives Over Dermatology? An Essential Guide for MCQ/OSCE Exams & General Practice

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Need to plump up your dermatology knowledge? Get a nervous itch at the thought of describing a mole? You’re not alone! Derm never really gets covered in medical school, yet likes to pop up as MCQs, or as your friend waving a rash under your “free source of medical advice” nose haha!

Join this webinar to get exposed to a wide range of lesions stretching from paediatrics to emergencies to cancer, as well as FINALLY debunking terminology and learning about appropriate management pathways!

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn to speak “Dermatologist”: understand key dermatology principles in anatomy, clinical terminology, taking a dermatology history & exam
2. Recognise key paediatric skin conditions and be able to state appropriate treatment and further management
3. Recognise inflammatory adult conditions and other common presentations
4. Understand common treatment options in Dermatology, including drugs
5. Recognise key dermatology Emergencies and Important Drug Reactions
6. Recognise key red flags, including presentations of cancerous skin lesions


Dec 31 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm