Drugs and the kidney

with Beverly Yeap, University of Manchester


How much do you remember about renal physiology? And now you need to know renal pharmacology for clinical years too??
Lets dig up the bits and pieces from preclinicals together and see how everything fits nicely in a patient!

We’ll talk about our favourite diuretics, reno-vascular drugs and prescribing in common renal syndromes (e.g. AKI/ CKD) via case based discussions so that we can all pass undergrad nephrology :’)


Learning Outcomes

Recognise drugs that may interact with kidney function and understand their effects on the kidneys – including diuretics and angiotensin/aldosterone
Apply physiology and pharmacology to understand renal therapeutics and prescribing in common renal syndromes
Integrate other system functions and dysfunctions with renal physiology and pharmacology



May 10 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm