Leukaemias: An Overview

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Join Haider for a handy guide to Leukemias!
Leukaemias are an important group of cancers exclusively managed by Haematologists. They can affect a wide range of people across all age groups and can differ significantly in behaviour, with some being very aggressive yet curable, but others indolent but incurable. This is an important topic not just for those considering a career in haematology, but for medical school exams.
Whilst this area of medicine may seem complicated at first, it can be simplified down to what we need to know as medical students. In this session, I will aim to cover the most important aspects of the four main types of Leukaemia such that you will be able to correctly answer related exam questions and make the most of your clinical placements in Haematology.


Feb 22 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm