Neurology Made Easy: Approach to Cognitive Impairment

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This will be the third webinar of the ‘Neurology Made Easy’ series, where we will aim to employ an approach to clinically assess a patient with reduced cognition. We will then discuss the various aetiologies, including the different types of dementia and the appropriate management plans for each disease. Finally, we will explore the various higher cortical functions and what we would expect to see when the different cerebral regions are affected. Get ready to tour this fascinating organ and try to understand what is going wrong and what we can do about it!

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1. Understand the basic anatomy of the ascending and descending pathways
2. Localise the lesion in the spinal cord from resulting signs and symptoms
3. Appreciate the various aetiologies of spinal cord lesions, including compressive and non-compressive myelopathies
4. Conus Medullaris vs Cauda Equina syndrome


Feb 18 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm