Pain and Nociception: Unlocking the Gate Control Theory

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You are entering your room when suddenly you stub your toe into the door
As you scream in agony, you hold your foot and rub it in an attempt to ease the pain.
Somehow, this actually works and now you feel much better.

But why did that work as pain relief?
In this session, I will address this by briefly explaining the transmission of pain and how it’s modulated using the gate control theory.

Learning Outcomes:
1. State the difference between pain and nociception
2. Describe the 4 phases of nociception – including the types of nerve fibres involved and how the pain signals are transmitted
3. Introduce the gate control theory of pain modulation
4. Briefly explain how pain transmission can be blocked (closing the gate)

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Sep 15 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm