Sexually Transmitted Infections


by Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz, University College London

The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of STI’s are important aspects of the Sexual Health/Genitourinary Medicine Placement knowledge that you will be expected to know for your exams and more importantly for your future career as a doctor ! As medical students and future doctors, it is important to feel comfortable learning and talking about STI’s because patients may be as nervous and uncomfortable as you can imagine in sexual health clinics! It is our role to be able to place the patient at ease by creating a safe non-judgemental environment and knowing our stuff! This is definitely an important session not to miss out on!



Intended Learning Outcome 1: Recognise symptoms suggestive of STI’s
Intended Learning Outcome 2: Request and interpret diagnostic tests for STI’s and to describe initial management of the patient and their partner(s)
Intended Learning Outcome 3: Know how to advise patients on STI transmission routes and risks, and discussing safer sex


Mar 16 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm