Your kidney is a life saver! A brief overview of RAAS!

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To put it simply, your kindey works hard! Keeping your blood pressure constant is one of the many major roles the kidney takes upon itself to keep you healthy! It might seem complicated, but hopefully after this session any confusions you had would be cleared. 🙂
If you are a preclinical student looking for a overview on your physiology about the RAAS or if you are a clinical student looking for a way to jog your memory then this is just for you!
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To ​understand each component that makes up the RAAS
​To understand what causes the activation of RAAS
​To understand the mechanism by which each component acts to elevate the blood pressure.
​To be able to determine the clinical significance of RAAS in its role in treatment of hypertension


Sep 21 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm