How do I register for webinars?
Register for upcoming lectures at

I’ve registered but haven’t got an email to access the webinar
We periodically send emails to registered students. Please make sure you have registered using a university email address or emailed us your proof of student status ( We ask for this for security and safety for everyone in our webinars.

How do I access slides?
Slides are available at close to the time of the webinar and 48 hours after. We cannot provide slides after this period has passed, sorry!

Do you record webinars?
At the moment, we are not recording… BUT it’s in the works!

Why is some stuff missing from slides?
Copyright issues mainly. We hope the slides provide a good framework of the main content from the lecture, and you can use references at the end of the slideshow to access further resources.

How do I become a LearnMedicine Teacher?
YES! the best FAQ. Email us at with 30 words on what inspires you to teach 😀

My question isn’t answered here
Please fill in the contact form below; we will be in touch within 5 working days.