Meet the University Representatives!

Our representatives are the backbone of our community, providing support for teachers, resources, and welcoming new students to come and LearnMedicine together.

Alna Dony
University of Leeds

Alna has a keen interest in research, surgery and medical technology. Her interest in teaching was initiated through tutoring GCSE and A-Level students in Maths and Physics, and she joined LearnMedicine to gain greater experience in the field of medical education and refine her teaching skills. Alna also has a strong interest in anatomy, and hopes to get involved in anatomy teaching in the future. In her free time, Alna enjoys going for long walks and is also currently making her way through House, M.D. (for revision of course).

Anca-Mihaela Vasilica
University College London

Anca is currently a second year UCL medical student and she is passionate about Neuroscience, willing to specialise in Neurosurgery in the future. She became interested in MedEd after attending a conference on “Medical Education in the time of COVID-19”, which allowed her to grasp the importance of online resources for medical students. She is enthusiastic to be a part of the LearnMedicine community and to share the amazing resources that the platform has to offer with as many students as possible. She enjoyed attending LearnMedicine webinars and she is looking forward to teaching at one herself. Anca’s aim is to continue to bring her contribution towards the growth of the platform, encouraging students to enthusiastically share their knowledge.

Besides MedEd, Anca is also an active member of the committees for UCL Surgical, Anatomy, Medical and MedTech Societies. After being part of a research group in her first year of medical school, she familiarised herself with the process of academic writing and publishing, and she also became involved the editing boards of IYNA Journal and JSAMR. Her experiences so far proved her that learning is a continuous process that takes place not only during lectures, but during every moment of one’s life, allowing her to understand the role of collaboration in attaining progress and ultimately, excellence.

Angela Roxas
King's College London

From experience, medical education has always been a fantastic and rewarding opportunity in medical school- a chance to learn and fortify one’s own knowledge while helping fellow students at the same time. Cardiology and Neurology are also other interests of mine, and I hope to explore these further in the future. Additionally, basketball and art are my two favourite hobbies in my spare time.

Aqua Asif
University of Leicester

Aqua is a fourth-year (if she passes!) graduate medical student at University of Leicester. She is an aspiring surgeon with a passion for incorporating new cutting-edge technologies into surgery, especially robotics. Her dedication to medical education drew her to be part of LearnMedicine. As an experienced leader through representing students at both Royal Holloway, University of London and University of Leicester, she hopes to strengthen her organisation and teaching skills on a national scale. Outside of her studies, Aqua enjoys spending time with her friends and family, attending concerts, online gaming, and travelling abroad. She is an avid graphic designer with international reach and hopes to combine her existing skills to improve MedEd / SurgEd.

Edward Lau
University of Cambridge

Edward Lau is a 5th year medical student at the University of Cambridge. He is particularly interested in medical education and is excited to be working with LearnMedicine to provide students across the UK the opportunity to deliver national teaching. Aside from this, he is also actively involved in his university’s Medical-Education Society. He is working with the Cambridge Clinical School to launch a new initiative aimed at encouraging clinical medical students to teach and support pre-clinical medical students, bridging the gap between the pre-clinical and clinical schools. Alongside this, he is involved in organising various student-led lecture series across the year.

“There is immense value in peer-to-peer teaching, and I strongly believe in empowering students with the opportunity to teach, developing the skills that will make them better educators in the future.”

Edward is currently working closely with DFTB-Skin Deep to help students and tomorrow’s doctors recognise medical manifestations in paediatric patients of different skin tones, culminating in the introduction of a new curriculum across multiple medical schools.

“I would like to thank LearnMedicine for giving me the opportunity to work with fellow nation-wide medical students who all share a common interest – Medical Education.”

Francesca Birch
Hull York Medical School

Fran is originally from sheffield, and after a levels went to hull to study medicine. She is now in her final year of study, and is planning on applying for the AFP for foundation years. She has a keen interest in acute medicine - especially anaesthetics - and is wanting to do the ACCS training pathway.
When not being a nerd for medicine, she enjoys anything outdoorsy and anything social, her favourite activity being skiing (hopefully this winter ski holidays will be still going ahead!)


George Bell
University of East Anglia, Norwich Medical School

Hey I’m George, a second year student on my first venture into MedEd. What I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm and googling pronunciations. I’m interested in cardiology, paediatrics and rheumatology; something that I’ve found a passion for in first year. I found out about LearnMedicine through social media, and I really liked the idea of doing a national scale PBL session. Plus I’m looking to intercalate in ClinEd so this is a great first step into medics eduction. My two defining personality traits are a raging caffeine addiction and an inability to sit still. Outside of medicine I’m really into rugby as well as running and mountain biking, and I love a good social.

Haris Khan
King's College London

Haris is a third-year medic at Kings who loves to teach! Ever since A-Levels, he’s been involved in all sorts of teaching, ranging from after school science clubs for primary school children to online private tuition for A-Level students all over the world. He’s also started to work on a YouTube channel centred around MedEd! (Though he says it’s hard to try and overlook the cringe of watching yourself on-screen). To teach, he likes to use digital art and animation to create easy-to-understand visual diagrams.
Haris is super interested in surgery, neurology, and plastics. He’s hoping to intercalate in Neuroscience next year and he looks forward to continuing to work with LearnMedicine!

Karanjeet Sagoo
King's College London

Karan is a final year medical student at King's.
Karan completed a BSc in Biomedical Science before starting medicine in 2016, and has a keen interest in surgery. In his spare time, he is a singer and musician.

Katharine Benedict
King's College London

Katharine has completed her third year of medical school and is intercalating in Endocrinology this year. She enjoys studying in London, especially with the diversity of patients she has met on placements. Her specialty interests include Primary care, Endocrinology and Paediatrics. Katharine looks forward to teaching with LearnMedicine and bringing her own flair to sessions. She is honoured to promote the platform as a KCL representative, and to be part of such a supportive community of medical students!

Katharine is involved in university life as Sponsorship officer for KCL Paediatric society. She has joined Kings Takes on Cancer society to volunteer and fundraise to support charities, and educate people about different cancers.
Outside of medical school, Katharine plays the violin and piano. She is an accomplished Latin American dancer and enjoys taking dance fitness classes in her free time!

Kush Sharma
University College London

Lover of all things medical, Kush is interested in emergency medicine as it involves the best bits of every specialty! He also enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge with other students to try and create a collaborative learning environment where medicine is made interesting, simple and inclusive!

When he’s not getting lost on the wards or falling asleep in clinics, he enjoys plenty of hobbies. He’s a keen watcher of sports, in particular tennis! His favourite player is Rafael Nadal. He also enjoys cooking, reading murder mysteries, going on long walks, talking to friends and performing card tricks, though preferably not all at the same time 🙂

Mara Popescu
King's College London

Mara is very passionate about medical education and teaching in general. She thinks that medical webinars are a great way to supplement med school lectures by reinforcing high yield concepts. And who better to teach than students who have themselves struggled with those topics.

She’s excited about starting 3rd year and getting more hands-on experience. Mara has some interest in surgical specialties but keeps an open mind with regards to medical ones.

When she’s not walking the streets of London or thinking about medicine you are most likely to spot her in one of the many specialty coffee shops she enjoys discovering with her friends. In her spare time she’ll never say ‘No’ to any DIY project (from assembling Ikea furniture to painting and clay sculpting).

Maram Nabahin
University of Manchester
Maram is a 4th year Medical Student at Manchester. She is interested in a career in Surgery and got to assist in an open hysterectomy recently, she doesn't think O&G is for her but she is keeping her options open! She has benefited greatly from the outstanding peer teaching and is keen to give back - she looks forward to helping others understand concepts she once struggled with too. When she is not drowning in work, Maram enjoys reading, exploring new places, swimming and good food!
Nish Dalavaye
Cardiff University

Nish is a third year medic at Cardiff University. He has a true passion for medicine and genuinely enjoys learning about it. Medicine can get very complicated and he has found that one of the best ways to learn a difficult concept, is to explain that concept to a fellow student. Helping other students learn not only helps confirm his understanding but he also finds it very satisfying and rewarding. This has led to Nish developing a huge interest in MedEd and teaching in general. He has enjoyed teaching for LearnMedicine and helping students from all over the world!


Nish also an unhealthy passion for making animations and he loves incorporating these animations into his teaching sessions to help students learn! His love for teaching and animations has lead to him starting a medical revision Youtube channel called 'TachyTutorials' where he posts quick medical tutorials to save your time and your brain space!


Nish is currently interested in Gastroenterology, Dermatology and Radiology but says this is very much subject to change! Outside of medicine, Nish loves playing cricket and tennis and he has represented Wales in both these sports. He is also a keen dance performer and loves taking part in live performances and national competitions!

Pavan Marwaha
University of Southampton

Meet Pavan! A third year medic, she is currently undertaking her BMedSci research on the neuro-immunology of Frontotemporal Dementia. She's passionate about making MedEd accessible for all and allowing everyone to have an opportunity to get involved! Asides from medical education, her interests also (so far) lie in neurology. Pavan is involved in her university's swimming team and is Education Rep of the university's surgical society. She tries to relax by reading a good book and possibly watching a bit too much Netflix 😉

Priya Losshini Manokar
Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Priya is a Year 5 MBBS student in Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia. She loves teaching and currently involved in peer teaching programme which has been set up recently in her University. She loves exploring food, places, and working out. She definitely down for a chat about productivity and study skills and enjoys watching YouTube videos by Ali Abdaal, Kharma Medic, and Anaas Nur Ali. She also loves listening to R&B, jazz and EDM. When it comes to food, she loves coffee, chocolates and colourful poke bowls. Priya frequently participates in runs and practices calisthenics exercises to keep herself active. Her future plan is to work as a foundation doctor in the UK, getting involved in more medical education, meeting a lot of amazing people and travel the world! She is a great listener and known to be funny sometimes. Finally, she is super excited to be involved in Learnmedicine and cannot wait for many more exciting events in Learnmedicine!!!

Rebekah Chow
Queen's University Belfast

Hey everyone! I’m Rebekah, currently a 4th year medic hailing all the way from Malaysia

For the 2020/21 academic term, I have very fortunately been given the opportunity to be the LearnMedicine University Representative of QUB.

As your freshly appointed Uni Rep, I am committed to bring about the awareness of LearnMedicine’s initiatives, maintain and enhance relations with the LearnMedicine community and other member universities.

I intend to conduct more fruitful teaching sessions and educational activities that benefit fellow medical students across the globe while striving to reach a greater audience within the QUB medic community!

Ria Prajapati
University of Leicester

Ria is going into her 2nd year of medicine at the University of Leicester. Apart from having an interest in MedEd, she likes hiking, swimming, and generally staying active. In her spare time (on the rare occasion she has some) she likes to play the piano, discover what pasta dish matches her personality according to Buzzfeed quizzes, or catch up on some much-needed sleep (the rarest commodity among medics!!). After a long day at uni, she loves nothing more than to whip up a bowl of ramen and watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother on TV (that’s student life for you!!)

Sara Roshan Sabur
University of Leicester

Sara is starting her 3rd year at University of Leicester. She is very passionate about teaching and breaking down unhealthy competition between medical students. She has taught first years as part of a UOL committee which is based around group teaching. She can be found shouting at the TV whenever the football is on however during lockdown she has rediscovered her love of playing badminton and reading books!
She also enjoys to take long walks in the countryside and would ideally like to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cows!
She would be happy to talk to any medical students who are looking to get involved in our future events and also to answer any questions about learning and teaching.

Keele University

Sirah is a 5th year Medical Student at Keele University. She lives in Birmingham with her family. Sirah is passionate about teaching other medical students and is dedicated to improving the quality of medical education. Sirah enjoys water sports such as sailing and swimming!

Talisha Modasia
University of Bristol

Talisha is currently in her 4th year studying medicine at the University of Bristol. She’s always wanted to work in the field of medicine and also holds a degree in biomedical science. Talisha has an interest in a few different specialities so she is keeping an open mind. Outside of medicine, her hobbies include travelling, swimming and binge-watching TV shows. She’s looking forward to being part of the Learn Medicine family and is always happy to be approached for advice and tips.